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Love Handle Farm began in March 2017, with the premise of providing our family with a higher quality of life through the joys of raising animals, growing and raising quality food than we could not afford at from the grocery store, and the satisfaction of living a simpler, less stressful lifestyle.


Having raised chickens for eggs and meat since 2009, we really value consuming grass-ranging food. There is such a big satisfaction in knowing the chickens are in a natural environment, eating bugs and grass on organic soil, and turning that into protein for our consumption. 


In November 2017, Laverne and Shirley, two pregnant Border Leicester Ewes, joined our farm. They gave us Brutus, Patrick and Buttercup, whose shenanigans keep us happily busy! 


In September of 2018, we added Chewy, Yoda, and Bert, three Romney wether sheep. 

As of 2020, we have expanded our crew to include a variety of natural and white-colored Romney and Border Leicester x Blue Faced Leicester sheep. We are beyond proud of the raw wool we provide to our customers.

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