Dreams Really Do Come True at Love Handle Farm!

Love Handle Farm came to fruition in March 2017, though it had been dreamt about for many years prior. Love Handle Farm comes from wanting to share the joy of having livestock and gardens that provide "more" than the food that can be bought at the store. More love, more freedom, more laughter, more time, more togetherness, more sharing, more happiness....All of these quantify into a better food product that can be eaten with family, without the wonder of what it was fed or what chemicals were used. It became so important to us to slow down, enjoy the process of food and be one with nature and animals. Love Handle Farm brings the joys of all of these things together. We hope you can find enjoyment in coming to visit our farm, eating some of our produce or eggs or meat or using the fiber produced by one of our animals and feeling the love, joy and everlasting happiness that we feel by being graced by this opportunity.